Launching the ‘Mapping Data in the Home’ project

We are very pleased to be launching phase 1 of the ‘Mapping Data in the Home’ project! This project will investigate the datafication of Australian households, with findings contributing to the Centre of Excellence for the Digital Child. Joining me as a research fellow on this project is Dr Jane Mavoa (@JaneMavoa).

The Data in the Home project will map the different ways digital data is materialised in the home through connected devices, goods and toys. An important part of the project will involve identifying the understandings and practices that family members associate with these and the digital data they generate. These findings will be used to devise strategies that will support Australian families to manage and protect their data.

There are three phases to this project. The first phase will be an online survey of up to 100 households in Victoria. The survey includes questions about the different connected devices and goods in the home, as well as the cultural and educational background of household members. The second phase will involve home visits of up to 20 households and will include interviews with household members, device walkthroughs and observations of datafication in action. The final phase of the project involves the instalment of a Data Meter in 10 homes for a month. The Data Meter is designed to measure and visualise the data downloading into any connected device in the home at a give time and is designed to build understanding amongst household members of data flows. 

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